Plantar Wart Treatment

Plantar Wart Treatment

Being the chicken that  I am I decided to go to the chemist which I did the chemist gave me some stuff to put on the plantar wart and told me to do this each day for a week or so and they will go away. So my plantar wart treatment started. I did this for the next 2 months the plantar wart treatment turned my warts a white colour it seemed that they got bigger and they certainly started to become more painful.

This stuff was not working so I decided it was time to go and see the doctor but there was no way I was getting this this thing cut out. I made an appointment and went of to see the doctor. He confirmed that it was a wart and told me the plantar wart treatment I was using would not work as it was too deep in the heel. I told him about my friend having his cut out and told the doctor there was no way I wanted this.

The doctor suggested another form of plantar wart treatment he proposed to freeze it, he told me it would hurt a little and I would need 4-5 plantar wart treatments spaced a week apart. As this darn thing was not getting any better I agreed and we started freezing. I didn’t think that dealing with warts on my feet would be so difficult.

The pain from freezing was the worst pain I have ever felt, he froze it for several minutes and then it was over. I made another appointment for next week and hobbled home. Now my foot was really sore, but now I know what are plantar warts.

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 My story about Plantar wart treatment I hope it helps someone out there.


Plantar Wart Treatment
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Typical Plantar Warts on Sole Of Foot