Plantar Warts Laser Treatment

Plantar Warts Laser Treatment


Well went back to Google and did some more searching found a website that talked about plantar warts laser treatment, and that the Podiatrist was a guy by the name of Dr Greg Bastin of Brighton Podiatry. I made an appointment and saw Greg, well here was a guy that really knew his stuff we talked for over an hour Greg seemed generally interested in my journey to remove this wart or should I say these warts as they had now become 3 warts again the ones on the ball of my foot were getting bigger and by this time they were starting to get sore. He explained to me in his opinion that cutting this type of wart out was often not very successful he said considering all that had been done to this wart he would only rate me at a 30% to 40% chance of getting rid of it. He then told me he was using laser with great success and that he was confident that he could help me with this even though it was a total mess.

He suggested Plantar Warts Laser Treatment

He suggested that the first plantar warts laser treatment should be just the 2 new warts so as I would not have too much pain. I thought about it for a few days than rang up and made an appointment. Greg gave me 2 shots of local anaesthetic to the area and hit these 2 warts with the laser.  It was all over really quickly felt a little pain for 3 days after the laser but nothing like what I had had before. A week later no pain the warts had turned a little black went back to Greg for a review and he told me they looked just the way he would have expected after a plantar wart laser treatment and that he wanted to see me 4 weeks later. I saw him 4 weeks later then another 2 weeks later Greg told me the scabs were starting to peel off he flicked the scabs off with a scalpel blade and checked the areas under a microscope. He told me that they appeared to be gone. I went back 3 weeks later and he confirmed they had gone.

We made another time and did the one on my heel this time I had a little  more pain but still nothing like having it frozen or cut out. The weeks went by and I came back a few times and then finally the scab fell off, the verdict it as gone !!

I went back for regular follow ups  but it never came back, I wish I had known about this before as I expressed to Greg. He did tell me it was a very new technique I was just so pleased with the whole Plantar Warts Laser Treatment my heel got better and better and there was never any sign of those damn plantar warts returning.

I feel that plantar warts laser treatment is the only thing to deal with these rotten little aliens things that want to share your foot.


plantar warts laser treatment

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